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Join us to make new friends, get a bit fitter and ride your bike more often as we show you the best trails in the area. Summit is the Chiltern's friendly mountain biking club running rides and activities for all ages; typically two or three every week.Our rides usually cover 12 to 20 miles and take between 1.5 to 3 hours. Members go night riding and we organise trips to the best riding in the country. Summit runs two MTB events in Chilterns and an active Go Ride section for young riders.


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December ride

BBC Weather - High Wycombe

  • Thu: Light Cloud, Minimum Temperature: 10°C (50°F) Wind:WSW 6mph
  • Fri: Light Cloud, Maximum Temperature: 15°C (59°F) Minimum Temperature: 11°C (52°F) Wind:W 6mph
  • Sat: Thick Cloud, Maximum Temperature: 15°C (59°F) Minimum Temperature: 10°C (50°F) Wind:SSE 5mph
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